my sweet baby girl

I just have to say, I am truly blessed. Jacey is a wonderful little girl, loving, bright, intelligent and funny. I never wanted kids, but I can NOT imagine my life without her. She’s is usually very well behaved, but has been acting out a bit lately. I know most of it stems from all the changes and the fact that Bryan and I are so immersed in the “house” that she is getting pushed to the back-burner.

Not ideal, but that is just life right now. She’s on a Daddy-Jacey date right now, which is much needed. We used to do Mommy-Jacey and Daddy-Jacey dates about once a month but haven’t since we moved. Must get those back on the calendar.

Anyway, we were out shopping the other day on probably our 1 million and 1 trips to Home Depot, Target, etc. Jacey was lolly-gagging around, touching things, etc. Basically being a kid, but my patience wasn’t dealing with it very well. After we got home, I got this on my phone…


Dear mommy,

Sorry for me misbehaving by touching and annoying you.

I love you so much!

I am sorry for sometimes not listening to you sometimes I get distracted by like looking at something like a cool car or something like that.

I promise to be a little better next time. I heart you so much!


Love from your crazy,and silly monkey,

Jacey Alexis Buchorn


Made me feel so bad, that I got onto her. She’s such a sensitive kid and hates upsetting me.

This being a parent is tough stuff.

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  1. Sister, I completely sympathize with this whole situation!
    Randa and I do the same thing. I Lose my patience, she apologizes in the most heartbreaking and heartfelt way, I feel like a fool for getting so bent outta shape about nothing.

    I agree, this parenting gig is the hardest job I’ve ever had…but the rewards are the best!!!



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