Thursday Thirteen (New Year’s Eve edition)

In honor of New Year’s Eve and the coming year of 2010, today I’ll review thirteen memorable events of 2009 in my life.

1. January – Bryan and I took a weekend staycation, all by ourselves in Sandestin.

2. February – I “celebrated” my 1 year cancer anniversary and RAN my very first 5K.

3. March – Kidney stone, enough said.

4. April – I hit my first weight goal of 160, 6 months ahead of when I “aimed” to.

5. May – Relay For Life, my 2nd time participating and my 1st as a committee member.

6. June – Texas Road Trip

7. July – My 1 year lapband anniversary.

8. August – My 3 year work anniversary.

9. September – 2nd reaction to my allergy shots, this time a FULL systemic reaction that landed me in the ER.

10. October – I turned 30…sigh.

11. November – Bryan started the first class for the next phase of our Air Force lives.

12. December – Vaction to Tampa for New Year’s!

13. Best event all year – Bryan and I celebrated 10 years of marriage (July 31st).


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