Thursday Thirteen

So, I decided to reinstate my Thursday Thirteen after a bloglines screw up yesterday that reminded me of them. They were fun and I’ll try to remember each week (and not slack).

Thirteen random thoughts on my mind today.

1. Why is it when you order at a drive thru and say that’s all, they have to try to sell you other things are ask, are you sure?! Yes, I know what I ordered and no, I wouldn’t like some fries with that.

2. I am addicted to the Living Social pick 5 things on facebook.

3. You know the old saying, “blood is thicker than water”…yeah, not so much it seems.

4. Jumping on the trampoline is fun, I forgot just how much.

5. Why is it that just when I begin to see my desk again, someone piles something else on it.

6. It’s strange, but sine my surgery I cannot stomach anything other than water to drink. Before my surgery, I hated water.

7. Scheduling summer trips and care for Jacey is a PITA…especially when you have the military to contend with.

8. Why do companies even waste the paper, ink and postage to send you a $2.02 check?

9. I agree with my pastor, when I get to heaven I am going to ask God, “Why mosquitoes?” and “Why pollen?”.

10. As much as I am looking forward to Relay for Life tomorrow, I am also ready for it to be done for a bit.

11. Will I ever get to “sleep in” again?

12. I want to know where all my time went? I got more accomplished as a new mom with an infant than I do now.

13. I hardly recognize myself anymore…and that’s not a bad thing.


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