R.I.P. Nike+, R.I.P

So, my Nike+ sensor finally bit the dust. I got it in September 2007 and it has over 275 miles on it (it was used very sporadically until September 2008). I got the dreaded low battery warning during my run last Friday. I had heard rumors about being able to replace the battery, so I found the tutorial on instructables and bought the battery. Bryan took it apart and replaced the battery Tuesday. Tuesday night, it connected with my ipod fine. Today I go out to run and it won’t connect…blah. Guess this means the $5 fix wasn’t successful and I need to order a new one after all…I’m just bummed that this means none of my mileage is going to count in my challenges until the new one gets here.

But, on the other hand, the death urged me to try out the RunKeeper app that I downloaded for my iPhone here while back. I hadn’t tried it yet, because I just have this fear of running and sweat with my phone that would cost $400 to replace. I took a leap of faith (and a ziploc bag) and headed out. The program is pretty cool and I can see it being a definite addition to my running arsenal.

[iframe http://www.runkeeper.com/pub/act/cuepQ3uYxlrQrGdNbaxZ/map 425 345]


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