3 teeth…

in 5 days! Yes, Jacey went from having no wiggly teeth to losing 3 in 5 days!

The first one she lost in the car on the way home from Ohio.

The second, she lost at school yesterday.

Then, the 3rd…well, Mommy had to play dentist and pull it today.

J had early release today, so I ran to pick her up and took her back to work with me and then Bryan picked her up from me on his way home. Less than an hour later, I arrive home to Bryan meeting me in the garage telling me there was a dilemna and Jacey crying hysterically inside. Here I am, trying to figure out what in the world could have happened in less than an hour?! I mean, I gave him a perfectly well, bubbly 7 year old…LOL!

I finally get inside and see the issue. Jacey’s tooth is extremely crooked and she is freaked out. Does not want to pull it but it hurts her every time it moves. Does not want us to pull it because it will hurt. Does not want it to come out at all, because they are coming out too fast…LOL! We trying talking sense, we try bribing…in the end it was an ultimatum. Either she pulled it or we did. She ended up, after much coaxing letting me pull it and then burst into hysterical laughter when we made a joke out of her being so ridiulous.

Mean parents?!


3 Responses

  1. My oh my! Three teeth…so what is that like $30 from the tooth fairy…..considering inflation and the cost of honey on Mars?

    What a big girl you are Jacey to let mommy pull that pesky tooth out for you!


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