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Jacey brought me this cute little note the other day that said “Can I please go to kuratie? Love, Jacey”. After I finally figured out what it was supposed to mean, I started giving it some thought. We also had a talk about how she said she wanted to keep doing tennis and then do swim team but now she wants to take karate…sigh…she is such a girl:). She seemed really interested though and we have always said we’ll let her try pretty much anything once, so I started looking into options. I have wanted to take taekwondo for years now, it is even on my 101 in 1001 list but the local dojo here is crazy expensive.

Our church CLC offers hapkido (where I get a 50% staff discount) and I just found out today that our Y is starting to offer karate and aikido next week (we get a members discount). We have to call the Y tomorrow for more info but even so, I have no clue which route to go. I am not totally familiar with all the forms and I feel like I am reading in circles trying to distinguish between them. This research though, has started my want to take it going again…maybe I’ll take it with her?! Bryan thinks martial arts would be perfect for me, because I love to kick and hit…hmmm, wonder how that would fit into my gym time?!

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  1. I have always wanted to take it too. I guess it is just the aggresive side of me wanting a positive release. Good luck, I hope you find something!!

  2. Good luck in your search, grasshopper.

    I think that is totally cool…a mutual friend’s family is into it, maybe she can give you insight to the kind that they do.

  3. My sister took karate through the Y when she was in high school. I went to one of her matches once, and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was to watch the 4 year olds spar. All they could do was kick each other, lol!

  4. I took Hapikdo at the church with Brice and LOVED it. Not too intense and Master Martin was amazing with the kids that took. Not too tough, just right. It was a great workout and so much fun!

  5. Go for it! One of my old LtCol’s taught me some hapkido (I think). very fun. And a great way to spend the afternoon. Hope you get into it, although it uses a different set of muscles than running…and they’ll let you know it too, LOL!
    Hope things are going well!!!!

  6. Connor takes Chiokwangdo here in Ga. It has been a God send for us. Especially with Tim being going so much. They gave us a 50% discount on the monthly tution (can’t promise all the CKD schools do that, just ours here does) and dropped the Black Belt Club enrollment fee to next to nothing. We are really going to miss our CKD family when we move to Oklahoma as there is not currently any CKD schools there.


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