miscellaneous Monday (on a Friday this time)

Yes, I missed Monday AGAIN…and next Monday, we will be in Ohio most likely without internet access (where are those iphones when you need them:-). So, this is what you get, way too early in the day and probably only vaguely coherent :).

  • I hope every one had a great Christmas, we did. Jacey walked out to a Razor scooter which was high on her wish list (gotta love when a wishlist item is less than $30 with free shipping). Bryan and I just did stockings for each other, because our big presents are iphones in January. AT&T was being a pain and wouldn’t let us upgrade 3 weeks early so I could have them under the tree…ah well. Christmas dinner went off without a hitch, even my choc pecan pie set up right this year (last year it was more like choc pecan ice cream topping…LOL). We just did a small dinner, since we leave for Ohio tomorrow and all the food will go to waste. The tree is already down and the mess cleaned up…Christmas is officially over in our house.
  • Today, I HAVE to go run. I have only had time to go twice in the last week and I feel it. I never thought I would find the day that NOT exercising makes me feel ugh, but it is here. I find that I get ansty and have a very hard time sitting still if I don’t run. Weird. I figure though I better get that out of my system before I have to sit in the car for 8 hours tomorrow and Sunday because being antsy in a small car (we are taking Bryan’s car instead of my truck since it is all wheel drive) would be bad. I think the hotels on both ends have fitness rooms, so hopefully I will be able to run Sunday morning and Friday night as well. We shall see.
  • Last Saturday after Bryan got home, we headed out to The Melting Pot with friends and it was so much fun. Kelly and Brian are a riot and all have so much fun together. Bryan had never been, so it was a new experience for him. He didn’t realize that you cook your own food, so it shocked him a bit. I even managed to eat a little bit of all four course amazingly. I think the part that helps is, dinner is a 3 hour affair so my food had time to go through the band each time before something new came. That’s not to say I wasn’t stuffed and probably over ate, but we don’t do that often at all and well, one meal is NOT what got me fat to begin with.
  • So, my bosses are great. Sw walked in Tuesday and handed me a card. I didn’t get a chance to open it up at work, but when I did at home, I had to laugh. Truly, how many women could get a Best Buy gift card and be absolutely thrilled with it?! I have a feeling he is intending for it to be for iphone accessories, since he is stoked we are getting them (he’s a big Apple fanboy)….hmmm….maybe a new armband for running?!
  • My weight has been bouncing the last few days. Monday I was 170 and yesterday, I was 172. I KNOW I didn’t eat enough calories to gain 2 pounds in 3 days, so we will just chalk it up to normal fluctuations since I don’t normally weigh in the middle of the week, so I wouldn’t normally see it. Yesterday marked 5 months post-op though and I can officially say I am 60 pounds down in 5 months! 5-7 more pounds and I will be back at the weight we married at…almost 10 years ago! Bryan can even pick me up and carry me around now…LOL!
  • After all my fill troubles a few weeks ago, I think it is finally settling down. Part of my tightness I can definitely attribute to stress because once Bryan was home, I almost immediately felt relief. I can now eat more than 2 bites at a time. I truly feel that I can eat too much now, which has me worried that I stretched my pouch a bit but I am not going in before my February appt. I don’t care at this point if I can eat a house…LOL…I do not want to experience of being overfilled again. Miserable. I am having battles with the whole satisfied issue again. I had gotten over that by 2 months post op and could tell when I was satisfied as opposed to full. Now, I can’t tell till I take that last bite that ends up being one bite too many. I really need to slow down and start really listening to my body. I think the whole overfill thing threw me off and now I need to get back on track.
  • Today is going to be a busy day. We have to get the tree up in the attic (it is currently sitting in the garage), laundry finished, house quick cleaned and packed, since we leave bright and early tomorrow morning for the first leg of our trip. We are going from here to Columbia, TN with stops along the way at an Old Navy and probably Maxwell AFB. Then, Sunday we finish the trip up to Logan, OH. We’ll be there till the morning of the 2nd with no *set* plans, just enjoying time with Grandma and Grandpa, relaxing. The only thing we have on our minds is making a day trip to Colombus to take Jacey to the COSI, Wildlight at the zoo and ice skating. My boss, Sw is from Columbus, so we got a few recommendations from him. Then, on the 2nd we head to Dayton, OH to see the AF Museum and then stop in Cave City, KY for the night. We’ll get back home on the 3rd and then we all head back to school work on the 5th. It’s going to be a long drive, but I am so ready for a break from *real life*. Of course, Jacey is hoping to see snow, so if everyone could start praying for snow, we’d appreciate it…the forecast is not looking to great for that right now (I NEVER though I, true Southern girl would be praying for snow…it’s amazing what kids will do to ya:-).

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  1. Have a fun trip and when you get your iPhone you will have to call me and we can talk on our iPhones because I get mine in January too!!

  2. ok first we had a BALL at the Melting Pot with y’all, too! I definitely overate…I think I had a pb&j sandwich at about 4 pm Sunday and that is it…I was still full from the night before. :)

    I love that you have your stuff down already…I started picking up a few things Christmas Eve and finished last night…my house is CHristmas free and I am so glad!! The last thing I want to do when we get home is start picking up decorations.

    Have fun in Ohio and on the drive.


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