and so I wait…

Of course, I couldn’t sleep in this morning. I pinged awake at 4am my time (3am Bryan’s) when he said that he was going to be headed to the airport. Then dozed a bit and shot awake again, 15 minutes before his first flight was supposed to take off, panicked because I hadn’t heard from him yet (I asked him to call me and verify that he made the flight since they have been overbooking really badly). Logged on and discovered that his flight was delayed by about 40 minutes. I just got a text from him saying he was boarding, so the first leg of the journey is on…luckily, he has an almost 2 hour layover, so the delay shouldn’t affect his second flight.

Only 4 hours ?? minutes and 34 33 32 31 seconds to go…
(yes, I realize I didn’t post minutes, I don’t like showing the exact flights he is on, safety reasons)

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