Grateful Friday

1. Bryan comes home in less than 24 hours!!

2. Jacey and I have made it through the TDY alive and mostly unscathed..LOL!

3. Getting a new military ID on Monday…the fat picture can go away and the gate guards can quit giving me a hard time.

4. My girls, they are lifesavers!

5. Dinner out with friends tomorrow night at Melting Pot and then *date* time for Bryan and I afterwards.

3 Responses

    1. Yep..although I have gotten so used to having the whole bed, I’ll probably end up uncomfortable for a few nights…LOL!

      My ID picture is currently from me at my heaviest and it really looks nothing like me now. 3 times now, they have asked me for more identification, so I finally said enough is enough. I’ll share the old pic after I get my new ID.

  1. What fun that you are going out with friends, I wished I did that more often here… You look amazing by the way in the photo in your previous post!!

    So glad that Bryan is coming home too!


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