sick, sick baby girl

sick baby girl My poor, sweet baby girl is sick. It started before 4am this morning, with her throwing up. Here we are 10 times later at 11:30am, not even able to keep water down. She’s rarely ever sick, so stuff like this really worries me. The first time, we thought that maybe the sweet potato fries from last night were too spicy and didn’t agree with her but now I don’t think it is that. Bryan called the nurse at the hospital and while she said she hadn’t heard of anything, she made her an appointment for this afternoon. Bryan then called the school to let them know she wouldn’t be there and the secretary said that there is something going around, because they sent home 10-12 kids yesterday and the janitor had her hands full cleaning. Sigh…

Please pray that she gets better soon and that we don’t just pass it around the house. I am immunocompromised to begin with and throwing up is a definite no-no since my surgery as I can cause complications with it. Not to mention, if there are many more sleepless nights, I may cease to function and Bryan leaves Sunday.

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