long week(end)

Date Night - 9-27-08

It has been such a long week. We have had something to do every evening except Monday and I am worn down.

  • Tuesday night it was the Early Bird Kickoff, RFL Team Captain’s meeting.
  • Wednesday was dishwasher install, work and Jacey’s choir.
  • Thursday was girls lunch and then open house/bookfair at Jacey’s school.
  • Friday was dinner out with friends.
  • Saturday was the Running to End the Pain 5K (Bryan did the 5K and Jacey and I did the 1 mile), then J’s swimming lessons, then date night. We went to Outback for dinner, met some friends at the movies and saw Fireproof and then had COldstone afterwards.
  • Today was the church picnic.

Do I get a day off tomorrow to recover from my week?!

Luckily this week isn’t as bad. The only thing on the agenda is a doctors appointment in Pensacola Wednesday, J’s simming lessons Saturday and then Bryan leaves for his TDY sometime this coming weekend. That’s right, *sometime*. We have no clue what day since his squadron can’t get their act together. He’ll be gone for approximately 7 weeks…joy, joy. If I end up having to evac for a hurricane without him, I just may have to maim him…LOL!

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