Grateful Friday

1. A nice relaxing picnic lunch with Bryan today, overlooking the water.

2. Jacey is feeling better (back to normal actually) and so far Bryan and I seem to be in the clear.

3. I got a fill, so hopefully my weight loss can get back on track.

4. I am enjoying running again.

5. Clothes that fit properly and you don’t have to pull them up every 5 seconds.

One Response

  1. I hear you on the weight loss. I am stuck at my current weight for 2 mths! Ugh! YMCA here I come. You are looking wonderful girly and you sound very happy! I am very happy for you and very proud of you. Bryan and Jacey too! Not to many people could go thru everything that you all have in the last few years with as much grace, optimism and keep their faith as ya’ll have. You and your family are a shining example of God’s love.


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