just another day…

…in paradise

Today was a good day. I got to sleep in a bit and then had to get up and take Jace to school. Bryan had the day off and was planning on taking her, till he got a call that he needed to be at an 8:30am meeting with the group commander about IMIS. Luckily, the chief gave him another day off since he had to go in today. I messed around a bit, got dinner in the crockpot and showered. After Bry came home, we packed our books and a blanket and headed out. Picked up lunch at Quizno’s and went down to the park to have a picnic. We ate, relaxed, read and enjoyed listening to the waves. It was nice to have that down time, with no where to be and no expectations.

If only I could spend every day down at the water, I’d be in heaven :-)

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