6 layers of quirkiness

I was tagged by Elizabeth to list 6 quirky things about myself…this one took some thinking!

1. I have to have things match…even down to my gadgets. For example, my cell background has to match whatever color my phone/skin is at the time or my mouse has to match my computer, etc. See…

2. As much as I am addicted to my computer, I LOVE paper lists. I have also been known to completely rewrite lists every time something gets marked off. I hate messy lists.

3. I use my toes to pick up stuff off the floor all the time but other peoples feet weird me out. I could probably do more than pick things up with my toes, but then I would end up like the strange foot lady on CMT’s Country Fried Home Videos. Can’t have that :-)

4. I have to have my toes painted or I will not wear sandals. My legs also have to be freshly shaved or I won’t wear shorts. I also won’t even walk outside without foundation and a bra on.

5. We we sit down somewhere like a restaurant, I have to face sitting the entrance/inside of the building. I don’t feel comfortable with my back to the door.

6. I an fanactical about everything in my house being *just so*. Everything in its place, towels hung right, cans facing forward, etc until you get to our office. For some reason, it always looks like a bomb went off in it.

And the 6 lucky people I am tagging are…

1. Jen
2. Mel
3. Kim
4. Meghann
5. Sarah
6. Jess

2 Responses

  1. Your list was interesting!!! I get the matching stuff, and the list writing too! The majority of our house is really neat and tidy, but there is a cabinet in my kitchen. It’s the cabinet of doom and not matter what I’ve tried that thing won’t stay organized!!!


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