update on us – September 2008

Ahh, so it has ONLY been 6 months since my last full update…can you tell life has been busy?!

Jacey is still as bubbly and talkative as always, never failing to make us want to laugh daily. Jacey is now in 1st grade and was tested over the summer for the gifted program. She is officially a G/T kid now. Her new school has a gifted program for science each day which I am sure she will excel in since that is her favorite subject. She still enjoys reading and is currently reading at a 3rd grade level. Outside of school, she is staying busy, participating in choir again this year and is also taking swim lessons. We had been contemplating Girl Scouts, but instead she is going to do tennis lessons later this fall and then start swim team in early spring. Swim team alone, ought to keep us ALL busy enough :-).

Bryan is doing well too. He is still working in debrief and most days likes his job. At home, he stays busy tinkering with anything he can get his hands on, designing his r/c plane, playing “World in Conflict” with friends online and taking care of me. I am sure he would say the latter is the most difficult and time consuming :-). For now, he is home but heads off on a TDY to New Mexico for approximately 6 weeks at the beginning of October. He is bummed that he will miss both mine and Jacey’s birthdays but at least, he will be home for the holidays.

And me, I am doing good. Life is crazy and keeps me on my toes though that is for sure. My biggest news that many already know, was that I had lap-band surgery back in July. My oncologist felt one of the best things I could do, was get rid of this excess weight and after looking at my past failed attempts, they referred me for weight loss surgery. I am healing well and am 22 pounds down now at 7 weeks post-op. I also had an oncology appointment this past week and my white blood cell count is down from 21.2 to 15.8. We were warned that your count usually drops after bariatric surgery, but we weren’t expecting that much. Even my oncologist was a bit speechless. Since I am still only experiencing fatigue and my counts are not increasing, I don’t have to go back for 4 months this time which is great, sometimes I feel like I live at the doctors office. At work, I recently passed had my 2 year anniversary and I still love it. Other than work and doctors, I am staying busy by getting back in the gym and plan to run the Feet to Faith 5K in December. I had given it up after I got diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year and it feels good to be back. Now, if only I could get back my umpfh for photography and digital scrapbooking :-).

Anyhow, I’d better wrap this up. If you ever want to keep up with us, feel free to visit my blog, https://www.buchorn.com. I also uploaded some recent pictures at http://www.digital-drama.com.

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  1. Great to hear all that. It must be hard having your husband away for weeks on end. I was also banded almost seven weeks ago and as of weigh in this morning I’ve also lost 22lb! Glad to hear that your doctor is happy with your progress.


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