civilian bliss

Today I had my first visit with my new civilian PCM and  I cannot get over the difference in care already! Granted, I have had some awesome military doctors over the years and I absolutely adore my current military oncologist and Jacey’s ped but I have had some rough experiences with PCM’s since we have been here. I’ve had a PCM close the door and verbally berate me because I wouldn’t accept a diagnosis of asthma (and guess what, no one else has ever before or since suggested that). I have had a PCM take 2 months to get me the results of an abnormal pelvic u/s that called for further testing, even with my history (and after me asking about them at the 1 month mark), refusal to treat issues, etc, etc.

It was weird though, since I have not been in civilian family practice care since 1999. I didn’t know how to act when I got a routine, non-urgent appointment in only 2 days and then didn’t have to wait an hour past my appointment time to be seen.

Pure bliss!!

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  1. YAY! I am so glad you had a good experience. Brian took my paperwork into Tricare this morning and I will be switching off base as well. Flight Medicine only has two doctors and have no appts for family members; so off base I go. :)

  2. That’s really cool that you had such a great experience! I know what you mean and over the years I’ve had some really bad doctors, one’s that just don’t really care and then one’s that go the extra mile and then some.

    Glad that it finally worked out that you got to go off base and see someone that cares!

  3. I think I can relate to this one! This has been one of the major perks of being stuck here in Ga with no other base support, not even from Tim’s office…getting to have civilian docs for everything! For Tricare to not be able to deny much since they do not have the base facilities to send me to! I am the same way even a year later…I call to cancel/re-schedule and I don’t have to wait weeks to get back in. I don’t have to worry about Tim getting a no-show lecture from anyone…not that I have ever been a no show without calling ahead of time. Ironically, my personal civilian PCM…former Navy! LOL!


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