gag me with a sp…straw

So, I had a CT scan today and if I never have to go through that again, it will be too soon…LOL! The actual scan was fine, the tech was awesome…I mean, I didn’t even feel the IV go in, he was that is good. The scan is easy peasy, it was over and done in about 10 minutes max.

The liquid contrast on the other hand…can we say GAG! I have a very intense gag reflex and when they handed me TWO huge bottles of that stuff to take home for the morning of my appointment, I about cried.

Fast forward to today, 7am. One entire bottle has to go down. Luckily I had thought to chill it. So, I pull out a straw and start sucking as hard as I can. About half of it goes down without any major issue till a bit of it hit the front of my tongue. OMG, I started dry heaving and thought for sure I was going to lose it. Drank a few sips of water and tried again. I was a sight, let me tell you. Leaning over the sink in case I did lose it and trying to put the straw far enough back that I don’t taste it but also don’t gag myself with it. I finally got the rest down. Luckily, Jacey was still asleep because I seriously needed to just lay down. I was getting hot flashes and felt like I was going to lose it at any moment.

Then came the second bottle. Half 2 hours prior and the last half 1 hour prior to my appointment. The first half went okay. I only gagged once and didn’t get the hot flashes like before. The second half on the other hand…I simply got a whiff of it and started dry heaving. Didn’t even have any in my mouth yet. Needless to say that last half was rather difficult. I made though and managed to not puke any up.

Thank goodness!!

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  1. Oh man, CT contrast tastes horrible because they tried to be all nice and flavor it. Believe me the stuff you get for regular xrays that isn’t flavored isn’t good but at least it isn’t as bad as that stuff!! Glad you got it down!!


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