Grateful Friday

1. I didn’t puke the barium sulfate I had to drink for my CT scan back up.

2. Loving, caring people that help out with Jacey.

3. The commissary and I NEVER thought I would say that. Civilian grocery stores are expensive (at least Kelley’s and Winn Dixie here).

4. Bry comes home tomorrow.

5. A/C…because it is humid and yucky out there!

One Response

  1. I know what you mean about shopping at the commissary! Of course it is easier to shop on base when you live on base, but when we first got here we decided that we’d try to shop off base at a local grocery. I don’t know why, I think it was just because we felt like because we could we would… We went in and let me tell you.. After 10 years of shopping overseas I was completely overwhelmed. I walked down every isle and I had no idea there was 20 thousand different brands of cereals! So we shopped and got the very same things we’d always get like before in England. Only this time it was a lot of money. I mean a lot of money. I couldn’t figure out why that was, but once we got into our car I cried. Hard too because it was all a shock and the prices were just ridiculous! That was of course before we walked into the commissary 2 weeks later. We’ve never left and I will not shop off base what so ever!!!!


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