1..2..10 things about me

just me.

Ten Things People Won’t Guess By Just Looking At You
1. I am bipolar
2. I am 28
3. I have a genius level IQ
4. I am a good cook
5. I am creative
6. I am extremely flexible
7. I despise clutter
8. I am an introvert
9. I have moved more times in my life than I have fingers and toes
10. I love to read.

Nine Things You Want To Do Before You Die
1. Go skydiving
2. Go to Paris and London again
3. Design and build our own home
4. Be a size 12 or smaller
5. Get published in a photography magazine
6. Run a half-marathon
7. Fly first class
8. See Jacey graduate college
9. See Bryan graduate college

Eight Things You Say Everyday
1. Jacey, go find something to do
2. B-R-Y-A-N
3. I love You
4. NO
5. I’m tired
6. What?
7. Whatever
8. Did you have a good sleep?

Seven Things You Hate
1. Ignorance
2. Dishonesty
3. My weight
4. People who think they are above you
5. Bad Drivers
6. Disrespectful Neighbors
7. Whining

Six Things You Love To Do
1. Sleep
2. Travel
3. Snuggle with Jacey
4. Scrapbook
5. Read
6. Take Pictures

Five People You Look Up To
1. Jesus
2. My Dad
3. Bryan
4. Mr. Dave
5. Mrs. Marti

Four Places You Want To Visit
1. Tenerife
2. NYC
3. Hong Kong
4. Germany

Three Things You Think You Could Do Without
1. TV
2. Meat
3. Telephones

Two Things You Never Want To Do
1. Serve on jury
2. Stand before God, ashamed

One Person Who Has Changed Your Life For The Better
1. Bryan

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