T minus 4 days

Project 365: Day 35 Happy Valentine’s Day to all!! Bryan actually prepared this year, before he went TDY! I was so proud of him and touched! Jacey enjoyed her gifts too, an Escape to Witch Mountain/Return to Witch Mountain DVD and a cuddly bear. Not much, but this child truly needs nothing…she is so spoiled!

Managed to get a doctors appointment today, only to leave crying. I talked to Bryan about it and we agreed to file a formal complaint when he gets back. You know it is bad though, when the head nurse calls you back to offer you another appointment with a different dr. Supposedly my blood pressure was so high that they shouldn’t have even let me go…gee, wonder why. Anyway, it is a much longer story but don’t feel like getting back into it….hopefully tomorrow’s appt will be better and I will have some answers as to what the heck is going on with me.

I do have to say though, that I think I have the best bosses in the world. They are so supportive, flexible and easy going. So odd to me, after all my work experiences and our military life experiences. They sure are a blessing!!

Anyhow, I am exhausted and ready for bed (never thought I of all people would be saying that at 9pm). See you on the flipside:-)

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  1. How sweet of Bryan to prepare for V-day before he left. That is so thoughtful and sweet. I’m sorry to hear of your troubles at the doctor. Nobody should have to leave crying over a doctor’s visit with the way the doc treats them. HUGS.


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