T minus 5 days

According to my dear husband who is bored out of his mind in Vegas, I should be updating my blog AT LEAST twice a day. Right…I see THAT one happening…LOL!

Today has just been one of those days. I knew when I felt like I did this morning when I woke up that the day was not going to be good. Got Jacey off to school, then headed to work myself. Tried to make a doctor’s appointment as soon as I got there but of course, that didn’t happen. Did what I had to do and then got the okay to leave early. I looked and felt like crap (still do). Came home and took a nap before I had to go get Jacey from school. Did the gymnastics thing, where luckily I was able to text and talk to Bryan before going out of my mind in boredom and utter annoyance at listening to the constant gossip. Got gas, picked up McDonald’s on the way home and then helped Jacey finish her Valentine’s for school tomorrow. Talked to Bryan some more and succumbed to this weird fetish he has of seeing me on the webcam…LOL! Then, I spent the last hour, testing out all my new camera stuff (yes, believe it or not…I hadn’t touched any of it yet) so that if anything was wrong, I could get it returned in time.

No rest for the weary they say…

Tomorrow WILL be a better day, dang it!

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  1. I woke up sick today too, but you did better than me, I was unable to get my butt out of bed when the alarm went off so Ryan missed school. We had Taco Bell for dinner and Ryan also did his Valentines. Whoever told me the 2nd deployment would be easier lied.

    Wanted to say good job on the weight loss though!!!


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