{long day}

It has been a LONG day! I was up at a little before 7am and have been going non-stop ever since. I *tried* to lay down for an hour this afternoon and was so tired I couldn’t fall asleep. Do you ever have that happen to you or am I just weird?
This morning, I had to work the traditional service and Bryan was doing camera 1 for the contemporary service. Then we stayed to help set up for the children’s service this evening. Came home, attempted to nap and then got dressed to head back up to the church for the candlelight services. I was running the a/v booth during the 4:30pm contemporary and then playing stage manager for the 6:00pm contemporary. Bryan, Jacey and I also did the Advent reading/lighting at the 4:30pm service so I had to hurry up and run down and then back up to the booth. I managed to not pass out or freeze…good thing, considering it was a full house (500+) and that might have been a tad bit embarrassing. I may get over this dislike of being in front of crowds yet=-).

After the services, I was starving so we headed towards home hoping to find something open. The only thing we found was Waffle House so we stopped. They were busy and the poor waitress was going crazy. Turns out that she, the boss and the chef were the only ones that bothered to show up. We had a good filling dinner and even though our bill was only a little over $15, I left her a $10 tip with a note on a napkin that said, “Merry Christmas, Thank You!”. She must have read it as we were walking out because you could see this smile come over her face…just one of those feel good moments.

Once we got home, we opened our traditional Christmas Eve jammies and sent Jacey off to bed where I too am soon to be headed. She is as excited as can be, so I don’t forsee sleeping in much…LOL!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas and truly experience the reason and magic of the season!


A few pictures on my way out….

Our keepsake ornament tree…


Our main tree….





Us all dressed up….


Our new Christmas jammies…



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