2 more sleeps…


Only 2 more sleeps till Christmas…are you ready?

Jacey is FINALLY getting excited about it, I was beginning to think I had the only child that didn’t care.

We headed out to Navarre tonight and met up with some friends for dinner and then we took the girls to ZooLights. We had a great time even though the Zoo was crazy busy! We went with the same friends last year and it was practically empty then. It was a LOT colder last year, so maybe that was the difference.


Here lately, my motivation has been seriously lacking. Last night I sat down to answer emails and instead went shopping on itunes. Got a few new songs and managed to answer a whole zero emails.

  • Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday – Brad Paisley
  • Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne
  • Home – Daughtry
  • It’s Not Over – Daughtry
  • Drifter – DecemberRadio

So, if you have emailed me lately and not gotten a response, that is why. I was shopping instead…LOL!
Then, today I had every intention of doing a quick house clean and instead, just roamed the house aimlessly. Not sure what my problem is lately, but it needs to find someone else to plague. Soon.


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