It seems that about all we have gotten accomplished this week was watching movies…I guess it could be worse though…LOL:-)

  • North Country -Â? 4 stars – This one is a little rough but it is a really good movie, based on a true story that paved the way to equal oppurtunity for all women in the workplace.
  • Aeon Flux – 2 stars – I used to watch the animated version on MTV and personally I think that is where it should have stayed…LOL!
  • Scrapped – 3 stars – Not great, not bad but interesting. I don’t feel I wasted my time watching it, but it is not a repeat watcher for me either.

I think I am movie’d out for a while though. I just can’t sit still that long anymore!

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  1. I can’t believe you haven’t read the CS Lewis collection!! They were my favorite books growing up!! :) And the movie stayed very close to the book, which was nice.


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