Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen vacations I have taken (overnight, not day trips)

1. Disneyworld
2. Bahamas Cruise
3. Alton Towers (UK)
4. Paris
5. Alton Towers & Splash Landings (UK)
6. back to the US while we were in the UK
7. Wichita Falls, TX (to see Bryan while he was in tech school)
8. Los Angeles/Hollywood/Malibu/Disneyland, CA
9. Las Vegas, NV
10. Carslbad Caverns, NM
11. Hot Springs, AR
12. Texas theme parks (we went to Astroworld, Fiesta Texas, Seaworld, Schilterbahn, Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor)
13. Corpus Christi, TX

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