I am exhausted.

I am sitting here fighting off sleep waiting for the time to come to go pick up Jacey from VBS. I had intended to drop her off, come home and take a nap but that didn’t happen. Instead, the usual chaos did.

Bryan took the truck into the body shop this morning, for the 3rd time since the wreck almost a year ago. We keep finding problems with the work and I want it right. I mean, the truck was 3 days old when we got hit, I want it back to that condition. Luckily USAA is awesome and they are taking care of it without me having to pay a deductible again and providing us a rental car. Regardless though, I am over having to take it back and be without my vehicle. Let’s pray this is the last time.

Ah, the rental car. We pay extra for upgraded rental coverage so I don’t have to get a bottom of the line vehicle should I need one. Bryan comes home though in a Nissan Sentra that he had to practically fold himself up to get into. I was not happy but supposedly that was all they had under our price cap. So I take Jacey to VBS in it and feel like I am driving a tin can. To make things worse, there was this vibration coming from the front passenger tire that didn’t sit well with me at all. So, I called Bryan, he called the USAA guy that is handling our stuff and he told us to tell Enterprise it wasn’t acceptable. Well, when we did that, they amazingly had a bigger car we could have….sure, it just popped out of thin air in less than an hour in a tiny town. Anyway. We go pick it up and it’s not too bad…a Mazda 6. Definitely feel like I have room to breathe but I still miss my truck. It’s amazing how you get used to something and don’t adapt to change very well. I am beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to go back to a car from an SUV now?!?!

So, I think Jacey and I are going to hit McD’s on teh way home and then take a nap. I have a doctors appt this afternoon so I can’t sleep as long as I’d like…bah. I’d love to cancel it but if you don’t cancel with at least 24 hours notice, they change you $95 for a missed appointme. man, maybe I ought to rethink my long lost desire to be a doctor!

How about that vacation…can you hear me screaming yet?? Now Bryan wants to take Jacey on a Disney Cruise. Um, hello it is going to be the middle of hurricane season and I really have no desire to deal with that…on a boat! So, there was talk of going to DisneyWorld and SeaWorld (even though I could have sworn we agreed to wait and try to do that during a hurrcane evac). Priced some Disney resort packages last night and they aren’t too terribly bad. They have a *newer* add-on dining package that sounds tempting but I wonder if it is all that great of a deal. Anyone used it and found one way or the other? So, we are planning to swing by ITT (our on base travel agent for the non-military types:-) tomorrow and see what prices or other options they have and go from there. Ahhh…I will be SO happy when this is settled.

This weekend we did a lot of nothing. I needed to weed the flower bed and go grocery shopping but neither happened. My sinus’/allergies have been driving me nuts and in turn I haven’t been sleeping well. We didn’t even make it to church yesterday because I have been so out of it. The Zyrtec is doing nothing and I am sure it will take me FOREVER to get an appointment since I am not dying. I guess I will attempt to call tomorrow if they are still bugging me since I have to make Jacey an appointment for a school physical anyway.
On to Father’s Day…anyone have any special plans or great gift ideas? I have 1 idea for Bryan (I can’t share because he reads my blog:-) but that’s it. I had another idea but procrastinated too long and it wouldn’t be ready in time. Such is life, I guess.

I guess that is all the rambling I have for now. I have successfully stayed awake and killed enough time that it is now time for me to go get Jacey. Maybe on second thought, we will get DQ…it’s closer and I *heart* their chicken strips. Well shall see!

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  1. We are going to Disney World in September (I actually won airfare & $1500 for a “Magic Your Way” vacation from a local radio station), and the dining option is actually free if you stay in September. But, even having to pay for it – it really does seem like it’s very much worth it.


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