my truck, Disney and sinister thoughts

So, we got the call to go pick up the truck today. I was excited because I have had somewhere to go everyday this week and I really miss the comforts of my truck. As soon as Bryan got home and changed, we swung by ITT for a few minutes and then headed to the body shop. Bryan got out to inspect the work and imagine this, still not fixed right. There are still flaws in the paint job and you can still see where the body work is not smooth and even. Argh….this was already the third time in the shop over a VERY minor accident almost a year ago. At the time of the wreck, the truck was a whole 3 days old so I expect to results to look like the truck is still only 3 days old. Now the story is that they are going to have to take it down all the way to the original body work…although I don’t like that idea, so be it so long as it is done right. Another week at least till I get my truck back:-( Thank goodness for USAA though, I am sure some other insurance companies would have pitched a fit over covering all this.


Looks like we are doing Disney after all. We booked a 5 night stay at Shades of Green, the military resort on WDW property today. I was shocked to actually get a room so short notice since the rumor used to be that you had to book a year in advance to actually get a room. Supposedly, now that they have renovated and added on, availability is much more flexible. Works for me though, because staying there with the same exact options for tickets, etc as at a value Disney resort, we are saving over $300. WOW! They also have some of the largest roos on the WDW resort property because when it was owned by WDW before the DoD took it over, it was considered one of their deluxe resorts. Glad that is finally settled…now I can sit back and stop stressing over it!

One final thought…
In a sinister way, I found this story hilarious and tempting. Anyone that has read my past ramblings will understand why!

Okla. Vet in Hot Water for De-Barking Neighbor’s Dog

A woman has filed a complaint against her neighbor, a veterinarian who, without permission, neutered her 10-week-old puppy and surgically quieted his bark.

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  1. That is so cool that you got into Shades of Green. I have heard it is really nice, you will have to give me a full review after your vacation.

    Too funny about the vet — I feel the same way about some of the people here who can’t seem to hear their own dogs barking in the middle of the night.


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