more vacation talk.

This vacation stuff is giving me a headache. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to go, it’s just that I have never had to think about planning a FULL vacation before. Trips home to family, only entailed who we saw, what day…even our cruise was planned for us, we just added an activity here or there that jumped out at us. This is a whole other ballgame!

I (I’d love to say we but Bryan just has no clue…LOL) have to…

  • figure out where we are going
  • what we are going to do
  • keep the schedule smooth and relaxing so little miss doesn’t get cranky (ah heck, let’s be honest…so I don’t get cranky either…LOL)
  • make hotel reservations and pray they are clean and safe
  • stay on budget
  • book attraction tickets online if possible
  • learn the transit system wherever we end up or make sure there is adequate parking
  • don’t lose my mind
  • etc
  • etc

We’re going to sit down and decide for sure tonight but it looks like we are going to drive up to New York City and then take a leisurely pace back. Jacey wants to see the Statue of Liberty, I want to see the Empire State building and they are doing free tickets for military to Anheuser-Busch parks again this year so Busch Gardens could be another stop. Besides that, I don’t know…I guess we could do the sights in DC as well since we will be right there.

We have a total of 10 days we can be gone (July 13-23) as Jacey has to be back on July 23rd so she can start soccer camp on the 24th.

Any tips or ideas?

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  1. The metro system in DC is really easy to use and I can recommend a nice hotel in the Woodbridge VA area. It is right next to Potamac mills mall (BIG HUGE outlet mall).

    I haven’t ever been to NY but I would love to someday! So I don’t know much about that but let me know if you need info on DC area!!

  2. Stay focused on how great it will be to enjoy your well-planned vacation, it’ll help you get through the not fun part of planning it! I’m sure it’ll be great!

  3. Don’t over plan, give yourself room for spending extra time in some places or to leave early if you want. And just “vacation” sometimes plans can make it seem like you HAVE to do something and that’s just work


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