Well today I set about modding my truck some more…I decided to remove my side moldings. Well, I did it but ran into some issues…will explain in a sec. Here are before and after pictures though.

spring (1)


spring (2)

Where we ran into a problem, is the back passenger door. Many know that we were hit by a drunk driver when the truck was all of 3 days old. Well, we assume the dealership that fixed the truck simply painted over the moldings (why they painted the rear door is beyond us though, it had no damage). So, we ended up with this…


I won’t even go into how pissed I am. That is definitely not adhesive residue, that is paint build up. So, we put a call into USAA our insurance company and an adjuster is going to call us tomorrow to get it all fixed.

Livid I tell ya! I didn’t pay $30,000 for a truck for it to not be fixed properly!

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  1. Man, I would have been pissed too!!! I absolutely LOVE your truck. I am going to go look at a 2000 Ford Expedition tomorrow…wish me luck…LOL!!


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