Joey Tomato’s

OMG, we ate at this place a little over a week ago and it was AWESOME! Bryan said it is definitely better than Olive Garden and that is saying a lot coming from the OG freak:-). It is authentic Italian food and so yummy. A must eat if you are in the area. Even better, they participate in the UPromise Dining Rewards program, so we earn money for Jacey’s college account just by eating there.

Joey Tomato’s
1146 John Sims Parkway East (next door to K-Mart)
Niceville , FL 32578 US
Phone: (850) 729-3354

Here is a small sampling of their menu…they also have a whole other section with deli sandwiches but I am too lazy to scan it in (I cheated and got this part off the UPromise website).

5 Responses

  1. Wow! You have been busy little bees lately! Glad to hear you are doing so well there in my home town! I miss it tons, but I am not ready to come back just yet. Jacey is growing up so fast. Connor was tell his grammy about her the other day!


  2. Had to laugh at your comment about Bryan being an OG freak. LOL!

    Is this true, even AFTER Randa puked on him when we went in Abilene???
    I still laugh about him trying to ‘catch’ the puke in his hands.


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