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It’s no secret, that this New Mexico move has been hard on me. The hardest PCS yet. There have been some redeeming moments though.

Due to the remote location of Holloman AFB and the needs of a crazy active teen, we chose to split the commute and live halfway between Holloman and Las Cruces on a teeny, tiny, little Army post called White Sands Missile Range. The post itself doesn’t have many amenities, but it does have an amazing medical clinic and great people of all branches (the post houses Army, Air Force, Navy, retirees and DoD civilians). Due to the nature of the population, the spouse’s group is all ranks, branches, and statuses. It is a unique situation in my 18 years of military life experience. Even so, when we first moved here I was hesitant. I have had some rough experiences with spouse’s groups and most of the time, stay far, far away. I’m not sure what finally propelled me to attend my first spouse social, but I am glad I did. The women are wonderful and there is an immense shortage of drama, which appeals to me. There are a few things I will be sad to leave when we PCS and the community is one of them.

Last week, we jumped off a 3 story tower. I mean, how many Air Force spouses get to go full “hooah” on a random Wednesday? :-)

This adrenaline junkie had a blast!

The tower masters did a great job of instructing and demonstrating, then let us loose.

It definitely looks easier than it is, but after the initial step off, you start to get the hang of it.

I even tried out the “hollywood” style. In the video, you can hear the tower master comment on how impractical it is, “but it looks nice”.

Bryan technically came along for “moral support” and pictures, but garrison commander’s wife suggested he get in on the fun too.

It is not an experience that I will soon forget and a great way to celebrate our time here at WSMR!



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