MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #25

Join in over here at Wife of a Sailor.

1. What is the best gift you have ever received or given? (from Jessica Lynn Writes)

Let’s talk materialistically here. I could say Jacey, since she was born a month before Christmas and only 4 days after my birthday but, that would be too easy.

Hmm…probably my MacBook Pro Bryan got me this year as a combo birthday/Christmas present. I have wanted one FOREVER but there was always something more necessary to spend the money on.

2. Do you celebrate holidays differently when your loved one is deployed/gone or do you keep tradition? (from The Albrecht Squad)

Way differently. We usually celebrate when he is home and short of celebrating the Christian reason for the holiday, we don’t put up the tree, etc when he is gone.

3. If you celebrate Christmas, do you put an angel, star or something else on the top of your tree?

Growing up, we had one of those tacky, plastic 80’s stars and then an angel. Since Bryan and I have been married, I have had huge bows. Next year I am re-theming the tree and I’m not sure yet what I want.

4. What are your three favorite websites?

Google Reader, Facebook and Runkeeper

5. On your man do you prefer… boxers, briefs or boxer briefs? Or commando? (yeah, I’m starting to get desperate for questions!)

Bryan came into the relationship wearing briefs and those quickly left. I MUCH prefer boxer briefs and now that I opened his eyes to them, so does he :).


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