WoF Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 7: December 12



Dec. 12: How does your faith refresh at Christmastime?

I’ve been sitting on this post all day and I still really don’t know how to answer it.

I like to think that I have a pretty strong faith, all through out the year. Sure, I don’t read my Bible as much as I should or make it to church EVERY weekend, but my faith never wavers. Even when I got my cancer diagnosis, while I got mad at God, I didn’t forsake him or say “I don’t care about you anymore since you let this happen to me”. I realize there is a reason for everything and while I may never know it, it is there. That is what faith is to me, belief in the unseen. So trying to figure out how my faith is refreshed at Christmastime is hard.

I think that if I really step back and look, the challenges and the times that Mary and Joseph had to go through are astounding and faith restoring. Can you imagine? And we think we have it tough today. And, without that little baby being born, I would not have the gift of eternal life and forgiveness. I mean, how can anything compare to that?!

I’m still not sure i know how to answer the question other than the fact that this time of year makes these gifts even more apparent in my life and I am ever so grateful for them.


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