our house…is a very, very, very fine house

Those of you that follow me on facebook and/or twitter, know that on September 27th, we got the call that the house was ours and we were/are officially first-time homeowners! We got the keys on September 28th and our HHG’s (household goods) were delivered on September 30th….YAY! It is so nice to be out of the temp base housing and even better to be in our very own home. Of course, we dove right in and began home improvement projects last week, hence why this update is just now coming, computer time has been at an all-time low. Even so, the house still looks like a bomb went off in it, but eh…what do you do? Just plow through the millions of boxes you didn’t think you had and eventually it will all come together. We are just so happy to be “settled” again, I can deal with the disarray for a bit longer.

Just a “bit” :).

The house is located in far, far NW Las Vegas. We tried to split the difference as much as possible between Bryan’s commute to Creech AFB (Indian Springs) for work and Nellis AFB where we receive all our services (medical care, commissary, PWOC, etc). The elementary school is fabulous for Jacey (a miracle in Vegas) and only a mile from our front door, so we can walk or ride bikes most days. Everything else we would need or want is within 5 miles and the strip is only 20 minutes away (on a good traffic day). We really like it up here on the  “hill”. At night, you can see the whole city lit up and twinkling and the sunsets behind the mountains are breathtaking.

All the stress of the whole process is/has been totally worth it. God is good.



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  1. Lacey…may you and your family create more wonderful memories in this gorgeous home! Congrats and I wish you nothing but happy days ahead – after letting us into your lives for quite some time now on your blog, you totally deserve this!!!!!


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