Grateful Friday (just a *little* late:)

1. Jacey’s new 3rd grade teacher seems great and does individualized instruction. Jacey also doesn’t have to take any new tests here in NV for the GATE program (gifted and talented) and the GATE teacher is awesome (their end of year field trip is to Orlando, pending district approval). I feel really relieved about this year, since I was worried out of my mind based on Clark County schools reputations.

2. I met some really great ladies at PWOC Tuesday and am getting together with some tonight. I may not be friendless in Vegas forever :).

3. Naps, because it is about the only sleep I am getting.

4. New workout clothes, so I can get back on track Monday when school starts.

5. Bryan. He dealt with USAA when we found out they FEDEX’ed our mortgage documents to Florida, even though we have told them the new address 4 times AND it is printed on the documents as our mailing address. It would not have been a pretty picture if I would have had to deal with them.

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