I need an intervention and not the kind that Ben & Jerry are currently trying to give. While I know that they may have good intentions, they are not helping my cause in the least. In fact, I do believe that they are making it worse. Dairy Queen and Blue Bell have tried to lend a hand as well but they too are not helping.


I really do not know what is wrong with me. Sure, I have always liked ice cream, but here lately the like has turned into a full out addiction. Is it boredom? Is it mild depression? Is it stress? I dunno but it has to go. Somehow, someway.

But man, sugar withdrawals are killer. I’ll get through a few days until I can no longer handle the pounding headache, give in and eat ice cream. Headache goes away but then I am miffed at myself for giving in and not being “in control”. If this is how drug addicts feel, I can understand why quitting is so hard. And, we won’t even mention what it is doing to my hips. I am petrified to go to my doctors appointment on Monday. He’s never made a single comment about any gains I have had here or there, but I feel like I am not only letting myself down but him as well.

Do they make ice cream addicts anonymous? Ice cream rehab?




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