PCS Road Trip

54 more days until we PCS. It seems so close yet so far. Sigh. I am truly ready to just finally be on the other side of this journey. Everyone keeps telling me that I should be grateful that we had this much notice but I beg to differ. 9 months from the retraining approval to the PCS is just a bit *too* much. I feel like life has been in such upheaval that I may never know what normal is again.

Anyway, enough complaining. I really am looking forward to the move even if it doesn’t appear that way at the moment.

Sunday, Bryan and I tackled finalizing the road trip stops/plans. We previously had a penciled plan but just couldn’t make it work out. Originally, we wanted to make a stop in Oklahoma City to see some friends we were stationed with in the UK but mileage wise it just wasn’t happening. We are trying to keep each travel day somewhere around 350 miles except the last day, since we want to get to Vegas earlier in the day, so we can make the trek out to Bryan’s actual base, Creech AFB.

So, below is what we decided on…

July 25 – Niceville, FL —> Clinton (Jackson), MS (314 miles)
July 26 – Clinton, MS —> Duncanville (Dallas), TX (399 miles)
July 27 – Duncanville, TX —> Lubbock, TX (344 miles)
July 28 – Lubbock, TX —> Albuquerque, NM (331 miles)
July 29 – Albuquerque, NM —> Flagstaff, AZ (323 miles)
July 30 – Flagstaff, AZ —> Las Vegas, NV (259 miles)

1969 miles total – click to see our route on Google Maps

I wanted to avoid Texas, since we were both born there and have seen most parts of it many times but there just aren’t that many routes between Florida and Nevada. I did absolutely refuse to take I-10 anymore than we absolutely had to though, I’ve made that trek, a few too many times. I am excited about this route, because it will take us through Abilene, TX and we’ll get to show Jacey where she was born and where we lived (we also get to stop for lunch at our fav place, Abuelos). She was only 8 months old when we moved from there and we’ve never been back.

Of course, after finalizing the route, then came hotel reservations. 2 hours later, we had all those made. This is why I do not like road trips. Give me a plane to my destination and a week-long hotel stay and I am a happy camper. Well, not literally since I don’t do the whole camping thing either :). But alas, they are done. They all have pools for Jacey to expend some energy and workout rooms for me to expend some stress/tension. Win. Win.

So, if anyone is anywhere along this route and would like to say hi, please let me know. I am sure a little distraction from friends will be very much welcomed!


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  1. Looks like we are just going to miss each other! We’ll be getting home the 24th or 25th, and we’ll be driving on some of that route I think, lol!

    (I don’t envy your drive the 28th. The panhandle of Texas has to be one of the worst drives I’ve ever done. Period. Worse than driving the long way through Kansas.

  2. We drove from Patrick AFB to Nellis 3 years ago, almost to the day. My Husband and I got married on June 4th and hit the road June 14th! He is SF at Creech trying to retrain into 1U0X1.

    Good luck on your drive! We did it in 3 days and it was soo loonng!! I’ve made the trip back without once when he was deployed. That time I had my step-MIL and 2 dogs! Oh the fun!! ;)


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