No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. I am drowning in PCS (move) prep though…anyone want to come help?!

I seriously think we are crazy. What possessed us to move a week, yes you read that right, one week after Bryan gets back from this next TDY? Sigh. The dates are all turned in though, so no turning back now.

Tonight’s project was to start the home inventory. Can you say tedious? We have had a reminder to update our inventory for a LONG while now but kept procrastinating. The last inventory we did was in spring of 2005 before we moved back to the states. Yeah…it’s kinda outdated now. Last time I simply had a word doc, but this time I found an iPhone app that syncs with a web version you can also use. Still tedious but so much easier to not have to write it all down or drag my laptop around the house. Bryan and I got the big things done tonight and I get to tackle everything else while he is gone. Joy, joy.

I’m still not sure what all to inventory separately. We are thinking anything over $50-75 and then lump the smaller stuff together. Do any of you have an inventory? If so, what do you do?

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  1. We’ve never done an inventory. We usually wait for the packers, they come, pack up our stuff, and give us a sheet that says everything we own. Lol!


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