Grateful Friday

1. Orders are in hand, TMO briefing is scheduled and so far everything else for the PCS is falling into place. 100 more days till we hit the road.

2. Reenlisment paperwork is signed and Bryan does his oath on the 22nd. In today’s economy, job security is huge!

3. Finding a bathing suit you actually like.

4. A flexible job.

5. My stress eating is getting the best of me lately, but at least I didn’t gain this week.

3 Responses

  1. Dear Lacey, I clicked on your link via Twitter, just because for some reason. And I just wanted to say, “You rock.” :) I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog. God bless. :D

  2. Glad that you got your orders and you guys can have your new adventure!!! I know that it will be a relief to move and get settled there.

    Hoping though that you stop and enjoy the rest of your time there and carve out memories that will last a life time for that journey before you move on to your next!!!



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