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  1. Hi Lacey – Just to say once again that I always enjoy your blog, and most particularly your photographs. I think both you and Bryan are gifted photographers, and as a keen dabbler myself I keep coming back to see what new pictures you’ve posted, aside of course from keeping up with your life. I particularly like the pics on the header, and the way they’re thought out (your hands indicating 30, the one of Jacey, Bryan in uniform, etc.) I also like the fact you’re a fighter at whatever life throws at you. I’m glad you decided to continue past the 365 days! Hope you have a very happy new year.

  2. We got a new digital picture frame as well! It is 10″ and AWESOME! On Tuesday, Jan 5th, at 6:45, Katie, Mary, maybe Melly, and little ol me are going to dinner. You wouldnt happen to be in town that day would you?


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