Tuesday Tidbits

  • I am officially married to a college student now and instead of only taking one class this session he is going to take two. We thought he was only going to be able to take speech since the original humanities class didn’t make, but they must have added another. So, he’ll be taking speech and humanities intro, then in December will graduate with his CCAF (yes, he has only been those 2 classes short for his entire AF career…the last 10 years)! He was going to roll right into finishing his other associates then bachelor in January but with retraining, that will be put on hold again. It’s worth it though for him to get into a job that he can actually feel some job satisfaction from.
  • Is it just me or is it strange to anyone else that we are well into October now and haven’t really had any hurricanes this season?
  • I just had my first bowl of cereal with milk for dinner tonight since before my surgery. I never really knew where it fit into the whole not drinking while eating thing and I don’t really care for cereal, so no big loss. It really sounded good tonight though from some strange reason so I just did it. Banana on top and all. And of course, the stupid banana got stuck. Why does nothing BUT bananas get stuck?
  • Jacey has had night terrors for a couple of years now so those don’t surprise us anymore, but she just totally freaked me out. I was standing in the kitchen loading the dishwasher, turn around and she is sitting at the dining room table. She looks completely awake and coherent, so I tell her to go get back in bed and I will tuck her in. She walks off, I wash my hands and go to tuck her in and she’s not in bed. I walk into the computer room and she is sitting at her desk, moving her mouse around like she is playing a game but the computer is not on. She still looks completely awake, so I ask her what she is doing. No response. I went and picked her up, tucked her back in and haven’t heard another peep from her. Strange and freaky though…so is she going to start sleepwalking now? I did it as a kid and outgrew it (heck, now I just don’t sleep period) but I would have thought it would have shown up before now if she was going to do it?! I’m not really worried about it, but I do plan to ask her doc at her 8 year physical (if I ever get brave enough to take her in with all the sickies around).

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  1. My Brother was a sleep walker until he was about 15 years old. Just make sure the doors are locked!!! my brother went out to the car one time trying to open it LOL we were all watching him but he was really sleep walking he wouldnt talk to us just walk around like he was on a mission.

    Seylena Talks in her sleep alot! LOL But I did too until I graduated Highschool My mom told me that I would cheer and Play my clairinet in my sleep too LOL.

    Ive always wondered about the cereal thing too. Im like “am I suppose to eat this?” I had trouble with a Banana the other day too. :o(

    Good Luck to Bryan!!! I want to go back to school so bad but I know I dont have the time for it right now. One day I will….


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