Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things you might not know about me.

1. I have moved more times than I have fingers and toes. Hence why I have the itch…again. It’s just normal for me.

2. I never wanted to get married nor have kids.

3. I took ballet from age 3 to 11 but I definitely wouldn’t call myself graceful.

4. I get along much better with guys and always have. Less drama and less “keeping up with the Jones”.

5. I was on my way to becoming a doctor until I got Forrest Gump for an A&P teacher. I took his class twice and withdrew both times to avoid dropping my GPA. That was the first science class I ever had to actually crack a book in and still couldn’t pull at least a “B”.

6. College was very hard for me, I actually had to study.

7. I totaled the first 2 cars I owned and wrecked the 3rd one twice (once was not my fault, Bambi should have listened to his mother and stayed by her side).

8. I am totally not cut out for military life, except for the moving…I do okay there.

9. I was a leaving Prints scrapbooking consultant when we lived in the UK. So totally not a fit for me.

10. I collect frog “stuff” and have for YEARS. No clue where the obsession came from.

11. I do not like talking on the phone. I will email you all day long, but get me on the phone and I want off about 5 minutes later. The only person I *like* to talk to is Bryan and I even have my moments with him.

12. I won several pageants as a child, including Little Miss Cowgirl in 1985. Yes, cowgirl…don’t hate.

13. I am a spoiled brat. Really, I bet you didn’t know that :)!

2 Responses

  1. How are you Lacey? I read your last few posts and there seems to be a lot going on with you and your family. I will be praying in each specific area of your life.

    You know, I have that itch too. But more so I now know that we’ll end up in GA. I don’t really want to go to GA but there is a huge purpose for us going there and eventually we will. I am just praying that we don’t do that until A is out of school… But God knows better than we do. I don’t want to move to GA, but I know God has bigger plans for us.

    What do you say to someone with cancer? My mom used to hate it when someone would say they are sorry. She said it didn’t seem appropriate enough. My prayer is that you fight it with everything you have as you are doing and that you take the time to enjoy your life as it is!

    What kind of jobs did Bryan put in for? I wished that D had put in for something else years ago, he is ready to get out of what he does although he does it well, he is burnt out.

    I hope and pray that you stay strong.


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