grocery lists.

Does anyone else out there hate making a grocery list as much as I do?! Food holds no interest for me anymore (except sweets, they are the devil) so it’s no fun. Plus, I am Anal Annie when it comes to it, so I think I have made it a chore.

I’ve been working on the list for 3 days now and have 2 items on the actual list. But, I did get the menu made…aren’t you proud of me…LOL!

Wanna see?!

1. coconut shrimp
2. frito pie
3. rattlesnake pasta
4. meatball subs
5. church or out
6. Greek tuna pasta salad
7. French onion soup
8. zucchini lasagna
9. curry chicken pot pie
10. baked white fish
11. spaghetti + meatballs
12. church or out
13. pesto chicken
14. Tuscan chicken

Random Sides

1. roasted green beans
2. baked sweet potato fries
3. cucumber dill salad

I don’t usually “plan” sides unless they are special requests from the family. I usually just keep an assortment of fresh, frozen and canned veggies on hand and whatever we want, we eat. I also don’t go in order, whatever has the most fresh veggies in it gets cooked first and from there, it is whatever sounds good. There is usually 1-2 leftover days in there too that pushes me past the “pay day” commissary rush.

If there is any interest, I will post my menus each time I make one…I just never have before because they don’t semm all that exciting to me…LOL!

5 Responses

  1. oooooooo I love lists but equally hate making them. you have some diffrent things on your list that I need to try Im tired of the same old stuff all the time.

  2. I think it is fun to see other’s menus…gives me inspiration. I am like you, I usually just plan the main dish. This month is a test for us, we need to learn who to have dinners while I am in school. I think there will be a lot of casseroles and crock pot meals for the foreseeable future.

    Like you I have made grocery lists a chore; one I abhor. I go so far as to put it in a spreadsheet by aisles and then have items I have coupons for in red. Bet you didn’t know I was that particular when it comes to grocery lists. Guess that is why I only go once a month.

  3. I actually enjoy grocery shopping more NOW then preband. I am not sure what it is. I think bc now I get to buy new items or healthier things that I never would have cooked with before. fresh garlic, sundried tomatos, fruits, veggies. Before we just ate out so much and now I have to get creative!


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