Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random thoughts in my head this week.

1. This tattoo is really cool, it says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1”. Ashley over at Dog Tags & Pearls designed it. I’d love to be able to come up with something similar. I think it is a really neat way to show off a verse that truly means something to you and some ink at the same time.


2. Do you know how much of a pain it is to find part-time summer care for a child?! I have wracked my brain for weeks, because I simply cannot afford to pay for full-time care when I only work part-time. I think we finally found a solution though. Jacey is going to be at grandparents for three weeks, but when she is home she will go here. They have a part-time program and are only about 2 miles from our house and 1 from my work.

3. I get my haircut and highlights put in tomorrow and I still don’t know what I want to do. I like this cut, but it just looks like it is too high maintenance for me, “Miss Take No Longer Than 30 Minutes”…LOL!


4. Whoever thought black interiors in vehicles would be a good idea, needs to be shot. I have had my truck for barely over and month and have already had to vacuum it out 4 times! It shows EVERY little spec of dust. I know, I bought it that way but the inventor needs to be shot for tempting me with looking good…LOL!

5. I FINALLY made a custom ringtone for my phone. Yes, it has taken me almost 4 months because Apple makes it out to be such a pain! They’d rather get your money to make a ringtone out of a song you have already bought…I think not.

6. So, I got our AT&T bill this month..yikes, $40 in extra texts OVER our plan. Guess it was time to upgrade to And the biggest culprit is…drumroll…Bryan, the person that “hates” texting!

7. I <3 my oncologist. Dr. G is just simply awesome AND she is a military doc at that (amazing in its own right). She talks to you like you are a friend, remembers events going on in your life, laughs with you and cries with you. I am truly blessed, while the cancer diagnosis was not something we wanted, God put us in the perfect place to deal with it.

8. My Gate to Gate run is Monday and I’m frustrated, I still don’t feel ready for it. My goal is to run it all but we shall see, I still can’t get in the groove since my gall bladder surgery. Dr. G thinks that the recent sickness is more apt to be the issue though and said to cut myself some slack. Which brings me to my next thought.

9. While I should probably already know this, I didn’t. When I get sick, my body revs up production of white blood cells to fight off the infection. Since my white blood cells are afflicted, they just keep building up and building up in my body, causing the tiredness. My body doesn’t realize that it is truly working against itself and instead of helping fight off the infection, it is actually hurting me. This was the first time I have been sick since my diagnosis and Dr. G says it will always take me longer to get over infections and get back to “normal”…whatever that is.

10. This rain and wind sucks. It is foretasted throughout the entire weekend…yuck. So much for enjoying the great outdoors during this long weekend.

11. Chocolate covered strawberries are a little taste of heaven. Too bad I forgot to drink a glass of wine with them tonight, that would have been a big taste of heaven.

12. Customer service is non-existent these days. You would think with the economy the way it is and unemployment at the rate it is, people would care more.

13. My man is home!! After a frustrating moment of thinking he would be delayed by anywhere from a day to a week, prayers were answered and he was able to come home today!!

2 Responses

  1. Welcome home to Bryan. I think with every change in life normal changes to “new normal”. I will raise a glass of wine to your new normal tonight. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. What a great post – from the heart it seemed. I hope you feel better soon and very glad your prayers were answered with Bryan coming home. BTW I love that hairstyle and I don’t think it would take that much maintenance if your hair was basically straight – not that I’m an expert! Take care. Mel


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