Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I love about my iPhone.

1. Texting is actually fun now.

2. Bejeweled.

3. Visual voicemail. I no longer have to wonder who left me a message nor wait for it to dial and prompt.

4. Facebook.

5. I can get all my email or I can ignore it. I even have an account that is just for Bry, so I can ignore everyone but him.

6. GPS.

7. BibleReader.

8. Shazam.

9. My calendar is always with me.

10. Weather at the touch of an icon.

11. My GPS enabled run tracking apps.

12. Streaming radio from H-Town (and many other places, but that’s the best for me).

13. Youtube, ABC and NBC shows.

One Response

  1. Sure, you can link to my page about the star tattoo. I came up with it myself, though, so please make sure you do give me credit for it. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.



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