I’m currently sitting out in the swing, enjoying the warmth and watching Bry finish up the last of the pool mess. Next week, we plan to replace it with a trampoline once again. We had one when we moved into this house, but opted to get rid of it since 3 years of Florida sun had taken it’s toll. We have all missed it though.

My surgery yesterday went fine. It was about 1.5 late, but I was still out of the hospital and on my way home by 2pm. Herstel (our congregational care pastor) and his wife Isabel made the trek to Pensacola to be with us and it really meant a lot. My care was excellent and I even had some of the same nurses as my surgery last July which was nice…familiar faces. I’m still really tired from the anesthesia/surgery but am in a whole lot less pain than expected. I took a darvacet when I got home yesterday and then again before I went to sleep, but so far today am just on Tylenol. What I can’t wait for though is a shower tomorrow morning. I was told to wait 48 hours and feel absolutely disgusting. Yes, girls can smell…

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  1. I am so glad that everything went well!! Enjoy that trampoline…I keep trying to convince Phillip that would be a blast once Miss M gets old enough. The old x-ray tech in him says no the only thing it would be is a huge paycheck for some ortho surgeon. Can’t you just see it? Mr. Serious(Phillip), Miss M, the dog and I jumping for the moon?


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