Since we are on our way home from my appointment with my surgeon, I thought I would pop in and give an update (yes, Bryan is driving, not me :). We finally got in after almost an hour wait…nuts. Told him what was going on with my tightness. I expected a partial unfill but, nope I ended up with a complete unfill. He wants to err on the side of caution. He gave me some meds for stomach irritation, wants me to start nexium, did a blood test for h-pilori (sp?) and I get to go back to Pensacola on Friday for a gallbladder ultrasound. If all comes back okay, in 4 weeks, we can start giving me fills again.

I am glad I have a doctor that is so concerned about my well-being but, I am a bit frustrated too. My weight loss has been so consistent and now I am afraid to gain (I can’t anyway, then I won’t have any clothes since I just got rid of anything bigger than a 12 :). I honestly know I will be okay, I am dedicated to keeping the weight off, running and tracking my food intake. And besides, I did just say I’d rather have a few hunger pains than live off of liquids like I have these last two weeks. I am interested to hear the results of the tests, especially the gallbladder u/s since I was going to ask my PCM for a referral for one next week anyway. We shall see…it is just weird though that I had no problems the first four months and the last two have been so up and down.

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  1. hugs! I hope that it’s not gall bladder but that’s something they can fix pretty quick if it is. I’m glad your dr is very ontop of this!

  2. You look great even through your pain! although I read above and you are doing better!!! That’s why I said you looked good! LOL.

    Keep up the great work it’s worth it!! Just yesterday I looked at a photo of my from last year and was simply amazed.. I mean totally blown away!!


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