miscellaneous Monday

  • So, Monday’s are my weigh in day and this one is really cool…not only did I hit my goal of being below 185 before Christmas, but I now officially weigh less than Bryan!! I always felt really funny weighing more than my husband, like it shouldn’t be that way. Bryan never ever said anything but I felt weird…but not anymore!!
  • Can I just say how much I hate oak trees…*sigh*. We have 5 in our front yard alone and when they drop acorns, they DROP acorns. I had been putting off cleaning them up out of busyness and a little bit of laziness but I couldn’t stand the dirty driveway anymore, nor tracking the mess into the garage and into the cars. So, I got out there today and trimmed the hedges, then cleaned the sidewalks/driveway. !.5 hours and 1 huge black yard bag later, it’s all nice and clean now. Next time, it’s Bryan’s turn!
  • I finally watched the CMA’s today while I was talking on the phone tonight. I was too busy last week and am thankful for my DVR. What was up with all the dresses on Carrie Underwood? Normally, she looks really classy but most of the ones tonight were just plan yuck. I loved her miltiary tribute though and song she sang. Of course, I am a sappy mess when it comes to any sort of military tribute…they are are heroes! Oh, and did you see Brad Paisley when he won male vocalist of the year? He was so cute, running down, hugging is wife and kissing his wife’s baby belly. What a *real* guy :-)

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  1. Under 185 already – you’ve done incredibly well. Good on you. How will Bryan cope with “half the woman” he left behind!! Congratulations. Mel

  2. Yay for weighing less than Bryan! Jeremy hasn’t understood why I’m upset about weighing almost as much as him. Maybe you need to come up here and kick my butt so I’ll lose the weight too, lol!


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