WLS: progress pics

I have been asked by a few for a few pics of my weight loss progress, so I went digging. There are some generic shots from day before surgery till 3 months post-op on my lap band page, but these are real life and unposed.

No one laugh now…I was talking to Bryan tonight and neither one of us remember me being that large. I know I was, the pics prove it but maybe I was in denial…I dunno.

So far though, if you go from my highest weigh to now, I have lost 81 pounds…wow, that is almost 2 Jacey’s! From surgery to now, it is 47 pounds, a little over 1 Jacey.

Highest weight ever, 260’s (May 2005)

230’s, weight I got down to and stayed at for almost 2 years (March 2007)

180’s, taken a few weeks ago (October 2008)

So, do you see a difference?!

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  1. The difference is apparent in the whole package; especially in the smile! Congratulations, you are looking healthy and happy.

  2. That’s amazing and yes I agree with the previous comment – it’s not just your weight loss, which is astoundingly fantastic but your whole demeanour. Well done.

  3. OMW Lacey! What an amazing transformation! Girl you know that you have to see this and notice a difference in you! And I do agree with everyone else, your smile is beautiful in every photo, but the most recent one is shining! Everyone said that about me too, that there was a difference within that they could see. I totally know what your going through! It’s very exciting and really is a testimony to others!

    I want you to know if you haven’t read on my blog how I was struggling, then surgery for me too, then it became an obsession since I realized I didn’t look exactly the way I did after surgery. That was of course until I went to the doctor’s. I don’t think we realize what we actually look like outside of what we see in the mirror. I know I didn’t. But when he took the after photos I realized sitting there staring at the afters and the before’s that Dayv wasn’t lying, I do look great! I stood there in amazement…

    We are changed, who cares whether we had surgery. And you know what? The expectations that I had in my head of how I looked exactly like I did right after my aren’t what the doctor had planned for me. He wanted to shape me to be voluptuous, and that is what I am!!!!

    I give you kudos for making the change in yourself and for your family. It is the best thing I could of ever done for myself and everyone around me!!! You look wonderful and I pray that when you see yourself in the mirror that God shows you your true image and how beautiful you really are!!!

  4. You are beautiful before and after, but girl you’ve done some great work! :) I have pictures of me before and after and each time I ask myself how did I not really “know” you know? :)

  5. You look fantastic sis!! I’m so proud of you! (((HUGS)))
    Of course, I do have to say that you have always been a beautiful woman…but you look happier now…more ‘comfortable in your own skin’. It looks good on ya!

    Love you!

  6. Hi Lacy,

    I am a USN wife of 15 yrs. and my husband, Tony is stationed at NAS Pensacola. We moved here in Jan. of this year. I recently started the Lap Band journey and I am scared and excited. Dr. John Nye is going to be my surgeon and I am hoping for early Feb. I have an initial appt. Jan. 7th. They sent me a packet in the mail and I have been on the MB learning & learning! Anyway, I wanted to say Hi and you are such an inspiration for me. Please email me if you get a chance. I would love a chance to ask your opinion of Dr. Nye and what I should expect.

    Your sister in Christ



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