dining room in progress

Yes, it is still in progress…sigh. We did get the room painted but the dining room table…well, that is another story. We ordered the one that we fell in love with from Sears…first mistake. We thought, they would be reputable, since they are a huge brick and mortar store and we hadn’t ever heard of most of the other retailers. Ha….reputable…whatever. First of all, we ordered it and then were informed it wouldn’t be delivered until 3 weeks later. Fine. We never received any contact from Sears for 2 weeks, so we called. Well, they can’t tell us when it will ship, because the third party shipping company (who we had no idea it was coming from) was involved in the Iowa floods. Then, 2 days before it was supposed to arrive from the initial estimation, we get an email saying it won’t even ship for another month and if they don’t hear from us, they assume we are okay with this. Well, no we aren’t, so we call. Then they inform us that we can’t cancel the order because they have no way of knowing if it has shipped or not….huh? Didn’t *YOU* just send me an email saying it hadn’t?! Several calls and several transfers later, with the threat of a cc chargeback (since yes, they charged my card the day I placed the order, not when it shipped like most retailers) they agreed to initiate a refund. 2 weeks later, we finally got it.

So, to make a long story even longer, we have a painted room but no table and now we can’t find it anywhere in stock. Needless to say, we have put the whole table on hold since it has turned into such an ordeal. I’ll share a finished pic when/if we ever get a new table…LOL!

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